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Nuclear emulsions in a large, hybrid experiment (CHORUS) to search for nu(mu) -> nu(tau) oscillations

Aoki, S
Barbuto, E
Bozza, C
Fabre, JP
Flegel, W
Grella, G
Güler, Murat
Hara, T
Hoshino, K
Ishii, Y
Kawamura, T
Kim, DC
Kobayashi, M
Kotaka, Y
Kozaki, T
Meddi, F
Muciaccia, MT
Nakamura, K
Niu, E
Obayashi, Y
Ogawa, S
Romano, G
Rosa, G
Sato, O
Shamanov, V
Shibuya, H
Simone, S
Smirnitsky, V
Song, JS
Tolun, P
Vivolo, L
We describe the (2 x 800 kg) emulsion target in the CHORUS hybrid detector set-up for the search of nu(mu) --> nu(tau) oscillations. together with the CERN pouring and processing facilities (upgraded for this purpose), and the techniques employed to treat the emulsions used as the active target in the experiment. (C) 2000 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.