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Nuclear emulsions in a large, hybrid experiment (CHORUS) to search for nu(mu) -> nu(tau) oscillations

Aoki, S
Barbuto, E
Bozza, C
Fabre, JP
Flegel, W
Grella, G
Güler, Murat
Hara, T
Hoshino, K
Ishii, Y
Kawamura, T
Kim, DC
Kobayashi, M
Kotaka, Y
Kozaki, T
Meddi, F
Muciaccia, MT
Nakamura, K
Niu, E
Obayashi, Y
Ogawa, S
Romano, G
Rosa, G
Sato, O
Shamanov, V
Shibuya, H
Simone, S
Smirnitsky, V
Song, JS
Tolun, P
Vivolo, L
We describe the (2 x 800 kg) emulsion target in the CHORUS hybrid detector set-up for the search of nu(mu) --> nu(tau) oscillations. together with the CERN pouring and processing facilities (upgraded for this purpose), and the techniques employed to treat the emulsions used as the active target in the experiment.