Stress corrosion cracking behaviour of aluminum brass condenses tubes in ammoniacal copper solution.

Gürmükçüoğlu, Murat


Stress corrosion cracking of alpha - beta brass in ammoniacal copper sulphate solutions /
Paya, Ali Süha; Department of Chemical Engineering (1972)
Stress corrosion cracking(SCC) on an al-li alloy.
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Fatigue crack growth behaviour of AA6013 aluminum alloy at different aging conditions
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The effect of different aging treatments on fatigue crack growth behavior of AA6013 aluminum alloy was investigated. C(T) (Compact Tension) specimens were prepared in L-T and T-L direction for fatigue crack growth tests. Samples were in T651 as received, T42 which is solution heat treated at 538 ºC for 90 minutes, water quenched and aged in room temperature for 96 hours, and one group of samples were overaged at 245 ºC for 12 hours after T42 condition was achieved. Hardness and conductivity measurements wer...
Stress strain behaviour of structural lightweight concrete under confinement
Şenel, Mehmet Ali; Tasbahjı, Tayseer; Turanlı, Lutfullah; Sarıtaş, Afşin (null; 2015-12-11)
: In this study, stress-strain behavior of structural lightweight concrete is studied under unconfined and confined conditions. To this end, the use of naturally occurring perlite material as lightweight aggregate and cement replacement material is considered. Although there are several studies on the confinement effects on normal weight concrete, there is lack of data on the confinement behavior attained for structural lightweight concrete by spiral or stirrup reinforcement. In order to evaluate the perfor...
Impact response of fiber reinforced composite pipes
Ersan, Şevket Erhan; Gürbüz, Rıza; Parnas, Levend; Department of Metallurgical Engineering (1997)
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M. Gürmükçüoğlu, “Stress corrosion cracking behaviour of aluminum brass condenses tubes in ammoniacal copper solution.,” Middle East Technical University, 1975.