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Triglyceride dependent differentiation of obesity in adipose tissues by FTIR spectroscopy coupled with chemometrics

Baloglu, Fatma Kucuk
Baloğlu, Onur
Heise, Sebastian
Brockmann, Gudrun
Severcan, Feride
The excess deposition of triglycerides in adipose tissue is the main reason of obesity and causes excess release of fatty acids to the circulatory system resulting in obesity and insulin resistance. Body mass index and waist circumference are not precise measure of obesity and obesity related metabolic diseases. Therefore, in the current study, it was aimed to propose triglyceride bands located at 1770-1720 cm(-1) spectral region as a more sensitive obesity related biomarker using the diagnostic potential of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy in subcutaneous (SCAT) and visceral (VAT) adipose tissues.