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In situ Measurements of Irradiation-Induced Creep of Nanocrystalline Copper at Elevated Temperatures

Özerinç, Sezer
KING, William P.
We have measured irradiation-induced creep on nanocrystalline copper micropillars at elevated temperatures. The micropillars, which were approximate to 1 mu m in diameter and approximate to 2 mu m in height, were fabricated from magnetron-sputtered nanocrystalline copper films. The micropillars were compressed during 2.0 MeV Ar+ bombardment and the deformation measured in situ by laser interferometry. The creep rate was measured over the stress range 10-120 MPa at approximate to 200 degrees C. The results show linear relationships of creep rate with both applied stress and displacement rate, yielding a creep compliance of 0.07 dpa(-1) GPa(-1) (dpa:displacement per atom). The findings are in good agreement with the previous results obtained using a bulge test on free-standing thin film specimens.