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Multi-Point Single-Antenna Sensing Enabled by Wireless Nested Split-Ring Resonator Sensors

Ozbey, Burak
Kurç, Özgür
DEMİR, Hilmi Volkan
In this paper, simultaneous multi-point wireless sensing is proposed and demonstrated via multiple sensors in nested split-ring resonator (NSRR) geometry coupled to a single illuminator antenna. In this passive multi-point sensing system, each probe in the sensor array is assigned a non-overlapping spectral interval for frequency shift in response to local mechanical loading around a unique operating resonance frequency in the band of the antenna. Here, it is shown that the antenna is capable of capturing the responses from all probes in a single frequency sweep. Furthermore, the inter-coupling between the array elements and the effect of antenna illumination on the coupling are experimentally investigated in a systematic way. In addition, as a proof-of-concept real-life application in structural health monitoring, two NSRR sensors are located inside a concrete beam to monitor the strain forming on reinforcing bars, and this dual-probe system is demonstrated to record strain simultaneously via both of the embedded probes.