Transport studies of carbon-rich a-SiCx : H film through admittance and deep-level transient spectroscopy measurements

Atilgan, I
Ozdemir, O
Akaoglu, B
Sel, K
Katircioglu, B
An intrinsic, carbon- rich a- SiCx: H thin film, prepared by the plasma- enhanced chemical vapour deposition ( PECVD) technique, has been studied mainly by AC admittance and small- pulse deep- level transient spectroscopy ( DLTS) measurements on an Al/ a- SiCx: H/ p- Si metal - insulator - semiconductor ( MIS) structure. The effects of measurement temperature, voltage and small- signal AC modulation frequency on the MIS capacitor are qualitatively and quantitatively described. The kinetics of charge injection from the silicon substrate into the a- SiCx: H film, as a function of temperature and voltage bias stresses, are reported. Nearest-neighbour and variable- range hopping mechanisms are considered. An activation energy of similar to 0.09 eV, and a density of states ( DOS) of about 10(19) cm(-3)/ eV were found. The value of the DOS is in agreement with the effective interface DOS of above 10(12) cm(-2)/ eV assessed by both capacitance and DLTS measurements. The frequency ( or temperature) dependence of the MIS capacitor over the whole DC voltage range is considered in detail. Single- and double- step carrier exchange mechanisms between the a- SiCx: H film and the silicon substrate, in the accumulation and depletion voltage regimes, respectively, are proposed.


Optoelectronic properties of Tl3InSe4 single crystals
QASRAWI, ATEF FAYEZ HASAN; Hasanlı, Nızamı (Informa UK Limited, 2010-01-01)
The crystal structure, temperature-dependent electrical conductivity, Hall coefficient, current-voltage characteristics, absorption spectra and temperature- and illumination-dependent photoconductivity of Tl3InSe4 single crystals were investigated. Tl3InSe4 crystallises in a body-centred lattice with tetragonal symmetry and belongs to the space group [image omitted]. The crystals are extrinsic p-type semiconductors and exhibit a conductivity conversion from p- to n-type at a critical temperature, Tc, of 283...
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Transport and luminescence phenomena in electroformed silicon nitride-based light emitting diode
ANUTGAN, MUSTAFA; ANUTGAN, TAMİLA; ATILGAN, İSMAİL; Katircioglu, B. (Informa UK Limited, 2013-08-01)
Hydrogenated amorphous silicon nitride-based heterojunction pin diode was electroformed under sufficiently high forward bias stress leading to its instant nanocrystallization at room temperature. In order to investigate the origin of the accompanying bright visible light emission, current-voltage and electroluminescence (EL) characteristics of the electroformed diode were scanned over temperature. Electrical transport mechanism was analysed in the low, medium and high electric field regimes. Temperature and...
Defect luminescence in undoped p-type GaSe
Aydinli, A; Hasanlı, Nızamı; Goksen, K (Informa UK Limited, 2001-12-01)
Photoluminescence (PL) spectra of undoped single crystals of the layered semiconductor GaSe have been measured in the temperature range from 10 K to room temperature and in the wavelength range from 635 to 750 nm. Two wide bands centred at 644 and 695 nm have been observed at T=10 K. A detailed analysis of the spectra obtained by varying the excitation intensity and temperature resulted in the identification of the levels involved. A simple model is proposed to account for the observed data.
Crystallization and phase separation mechanism of silicon oxide thin films fabricated via e-beam evaporation of silicon monoxide
Gunduz, Deniz Cihan; Tankut, Aydin; Sedani, Salar; Karaman, Mehmet; Turan, Raşit (2015-04-29)
In this work, silicon oxide thin films were synthesized via e-beam evaporation of silicon monoxide. Subsequent annealing experiments were carried out to induce Si nanocrystals (Si NCs) formation. A broad range of annealing durations and temperatures were studied. Raman spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) were employed to study the mechanism of phase separation in silicon oxide films and crystallization of Si. Raman spectroscopy results show...
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I. Atilgan, O. Ozdemir, B. Akaoglu, K. Sel, and B. Katircioglu, “Transport studies of carbon-rich a-SiCx : H film through admittance and deep-level transient spectroscopy measurements,” PHILOSOPHICAL MAGAZINE, pp. 2771–2796, 2006, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: