Vaka Analizi: Bir Hafif Rayli Sistemi İlave Araçlara Ait Depolama Tesisinin Geoteknik Değerlendirmesi

In this study, it is aimed to improve the performance of an existing deep excavation design of a light rail system storage facility subjected to static and dynamic loading. In this context, considering the variation of soil properties along the storage site, 6 critical cross-sections were chosen and idealized soil profiles and geotechnical design input parameters were developed. The results of 2-D finite element analyses showed that forces on diaphragm walls and box sections exceed the capacity limits consistent with the measured very low SPT-N field values of 1 blow/30 cm. Additionally, due to high ground water table, seepage-induced problems were anticipated. Base heave problems were also observed to be likely. In order to improve the performance of the system, rigid columns are planned to be constructed behind diaphragm walls. Additionally a plug under the buried box section that reduces possible artesian pressures on the excavation base, which also increases safety against seepage and uplift problems and reduces the forces on the foundation of the box section, is designed. To eliminate buckling of the strut elements, it was decided to reduce the the strut lengths by using king-post columns and permanent diaphragm walls middle of each section. Finally the performance of the overall improved system was analyzed under static and dynamic loading conditions
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K. Ö. Çetin, G. Can, and M. Ilgaç, “Vaka Analizi: Bir Hafif Rayli Sistemi İlave Araçlara Ait Depolama Tesisinin Geoteknik Değerlendirmesi,” Izmir, Turkey, 2017, p. 411, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: