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A Video-Based Analysis of Rhythmic Accuracy and Maintenance in Junior Tennis Players

AYSER, Serhat
This study mainly focused on the video-based analysis of two parameters of rhythmic ability: rhythmic accuracy (RA) and rhythmic maintenance (RM). The effects of tempo on these parameters were also investigated. The participants were junior competitive tennis players (n= 41, age= 13.46 1.64 years). The video-based analysis system that relies entirely on the features extracted automatically from the audiovisual data was used to determine the RA and RM performances of the participants for the tempos of 44 and 50 bpm. The results revealed that participants significantly performed better RA and RM scores in fast tempo test. In addition, results also indicated that participants had significantly higher scores on accuracy task in both tempos. In conclusion, the study attempted to determine the rhythmic ability via a video based system. Using the proposed system, rhythmic ability analysis can be applied to a wide range of participants in a very short time and further analysis on the collected data can easily be conducted