Identification of protein partners of setd3 in mouse embryonic stem cells

Güven, Gözde
Embryonic development is a highly coordinated process that contains rapid cell divisions. During this time, the cells also start differentiation, and at the end of development, the cells become fully differentiated. This differentiation commitment is regulated by epigenetic factors like histone modifiers, chromatin regulators. SETD3 is one of the histone methyltransferases that govern this pluripotency-differentiation balance. We have previously found that SETD3 is crucial for mesendoderm differentiation of mESCs. However, the partners of Setd3 in the nucleus is not well known. We have performed IP-MS and analyzed the candidate proteins deeply. Then, we performed biochemical assays (co-IP and PLA) and showed BRD2 and TFCP2L1 proteins are the protein partners of SETD3 methyltransferase.
Citation Formats
G. Güven, “Identification of protein partners of setd3 in mouse embryonic stem cells,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2021.