A scintillating fiber detector for neutrino physics.

Pesen, Erhan


A cosmic-ray particle density detector for measuring ultra-high energy gamma rays correlated with possible supernovae bursts.
Özel, Emin M; Department of Physics (1972)
A photon counting dynamic digital lock-in amplifier for background suppression in glow discharge atomic emission spectrometry
Gokmen, A; Ulgen, A; Yalcin, S (1996-01-15)
A photon counting dynamic digital lock-in amplifier, (PC-DDLIA), has been developed for the suppression of Ar lines in glow discharge lamp atomic emission spectrometry, (GDL-AES). The experimental set-up consists of a Grimm-type GDL, a prism-type scanning monochromator, photon counting electronics, an Apple Ile computer with an interface card and a computer controllable high voltage power supply. The photon counting electronics are designed to convert the photon pulses to logic pulses. A discriminator is us...
A High Performance Readout Circuit for Infrared Focal Plane Array Applications
Külah, Haluk; Akın, Tayfun (null; 2000-06-05)
A Wireless Passive Sensing System for Displacement/Strain Measurement in Reinforced Concrete Members
Ozbey, Burak; ERTÜRK, VAKUR BEHÇET; DEMİR, Hilmi Volkan; ALTINTAŞ, AYHAN; Kurç, Özgür (2016-04-01)
In this study, we show a wireless passive sensing system embedded in a reinforced concrete member successfully being employed for the measurement of relative displacement and strain in a simply supported beam experiment. The system utilizes electromagnetic coupling between the transceiver antenna located outside the beam, and the sensing probes placed on the reinforcing bar (rebar) surface inside the beam. The probes were designed in the form of a nested split-ring resonator, a metamaterial-based structure ...
A Sub-Carrier frequency multiplex telemeter for use in electrical power systems.
Bahar, Erol M; Department of Electrical Engineering (1966)
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E. Pesen, “A scintillating fiber detector for neutrino physics.,” Middle East Technical University, 1992.