Investigation of the effect of ghrelin on bone fracture healing in rats

Erener, Tamer
Dalgic, Ali Deniz
Keskin, Dilek
Ocak, Mert
Bilecenoğlu, Burak
Hücümenoğlu, Sema
Çaydere, Muzaffer
Şeneş, Mehmet
Sezgin, Özge
Ghrelin is known to have effects on proliferation and differentiation of osteoblasts and improvement of bone mineral density in rats. However, no experimental research on ghrelin's effects on fracture healing has been reported. In this context, the effect of ghrelin on the union of femoral shaft fractures was examined in this study by evaluating whether ghrelin will directly contribute to fracture healing. Forty male Wistar-Albino rats were divided into two groups as control and experimental (ghrelin treated) and standard closed shaft fractures were created in the left femurs of all rats. Daily ghrelin injections were applied to the experimental groups and equal numbers of rats were killed after 14 and 28 days following fracture formation. Tissue samples were examined with radiological, biomechanical, biochemical and histological analyses. Densitometry study showed that bone mineral density was improved after 28 days of ghrelin treatment compared to control. On histological examination, at the end of the 14 and 28 days of recovery, significant union was observed in the ghrelin-treated group. The ghrelin-treated group had higher breaking strength and stiffness at the end of 28 days of recovery. Biochemically, ALP levels were found to be higher in the ghrelin-treated group at the end of 28 days of recovery. Results showed that ghrelin directly contributes to fracture healing and it is promising to consider the effect of ghrelin on fracture healing in human studies with pharmacological applications.
Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology


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