An experimental and theoretical study on the utilization of observation channel for transmitter noise cancellation in in-band full-duplex radios

Kaya, Altuğ
Conventional Half-Duplex (HD) systems orthogonalize transmitted and received signals either in time, frequency or both in order not to interfere a signal-of-interest with a transmitted signal. If this interference (also known as self-interference, SI) can be suppressed, a radio can perform simultaneous transmission and reception in the same time & frequency resource and, hence, known as In-Band Full-Duplex (IBFD). IBFD systems potentially double the spectral efficiency compared to their HD counterparts as long as the SI does not saturate the ADC and is suppressed up to the receiver noise floor. However, unlike in HD systems, in IBFD the SI comprises transmitter noise. There are numerous research in literature that offer either propagation domain or analog domain transmitter noise cancellation solutions. Nevertheless, while the former suggestion requires multiple antennas, the latter needs either a bespoke & complex analog circuit design or a transmitter/receiver beamforming or both. In this thesis, an observation receiver is utilized in order to capture the same transmitter noise realization which leakes to the receiver for performing transmitter noise cancellation in the digital domain. To the best of the author’s knowledge, this is the first digital domain transmitter noise cancellation technique performed in a nonlinear, single-antenna hardware setup.


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A. Kaya, “An experimental and theoretical study on the utilization of observation channel for transmitter noise cancellation in in-band full-duplex radios,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2022.