Investigation of electromigration induced hillock and edge void dynamics on the interconnect surface by computer simulation

Çelik, Aytaç
The Electromigration-induced failure of metallic interconnects is a complicated process, which involves flux divergence, vacancy and atom accumulation with or without compositional variations, void and hillocks nucleation, growth and shape changes. Hillocks and surface void dynamics in connection with the critical morphological evaluation have been investigated in order to understand the conditions under which premature failure of metallic thin interconnects occur. In this thesis, an interconnect is idealized as a two dimensional electrically conducting strip which contains gaussian form hillock or edge void. Indirect boundary element is used to predict the evolution of the surface after the applied electric field. Computer simulation results show that the surface crystal structure of is extremely important in the determination of the life time of thin film single crystal interconnect lines. Under the applied electrostatic field not only the degree of rotational symmetry (parameter, m) but also the orientation of the surface plane play dominant role in the development of the surface topology and the formation of the fatal EM induced voids. The degree of anisotropy in the surface diffusion coefficient, and the intensity of the electron wind parameter may have great influence on the evolution regime actually taking place on the surfaces and at sidewalls of the interconnects.


Structural properties of homonuclear and heteronuclear atomic clusters : Monte Carlo simulation study
Dugan, Nazım; Erkoç, Şakir; Department of Physics (2006)
In this thesis study, a new method for finding the optimum geometries of atomic nanoparticles has been developed by modifying the well known diffusion Monte Carlo method which is used for electronic structure calculations of quantum mechanical systems. This method has been applied to homonuclear and heteronuclear atomic clusters with the aim of both testing the method and studying various properties of atomic clusters such as radial distribution of atoms and coordination numbers. Obtained results have been ...
Study on the long wavelength SiGe/Si heterojunction internal photoemission infrared photodetectors
Aslan, B; Turan, Raşit; Liu, HC (Elsevier BV, 2005-10-01)
The theory of internal photoemission in semiconductor heterojunctions has been investigated and the existing model has been extended by incorporating the effect of different effective masses in the active region and the substrate, nonspherical-nonparabolic bands, and the energy loss per collision. Photoresponse measurements on Si1-xGex/Si heterojunction internal photoemission (HIP) infrared photodetectors (IP) have shown that they are fit well by the theory. Qualitative model describing the mechanisms of ph...
Critical analysis of zeolite 4A synthesis through one-pot fusion hydrothermal treatment approach for class F fly ash
Akın, Süleyman Şener; Kirdeciler, Salih Kaan; Kazanç Özerinç, Feyza; Akata Kurç, Burcu (2021-10-01)
In this study, ‘‘One-pot fusion assisted hydrothermal synthesis’’ approach was employed to understand the nucleation and crystallization behaviour of the fusion product of Class F fly ash for zeolite 4A synthesis. Two sets of experiments were conducted by tailoring the control parameter of H2O/Na2O molar ratio (L/S) to investigate the nucleation and crystallization behaviour of zeolite 4A. The molar ratios of SiO2/Al2O3 and Na2O/SiO2 were tuned before alkali fusion by adding different amounts of Al(OH)3 to ...
Study of the Influence of Transition Metal Atoms on Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Graphyne Nanotubes Using Density Functional Theory
Alaei, Sholeh; Jalili, Seifollah; Erkoç, Şakir (Informa UK Limited, 2015-01-01)
Density functional theory calculations were used to study the adsorption of three transition metal atoms (Fe, Co, and Ni) on the external surface of two zigzag and two armchair graphyne nanotubes. The most stable position for the adsorption of all three metal atoms on all nanotubes is on the acetylenic ring. The metal atom remains in the plane of the acetylenic ring and makes six bonds with neighboring carbon atoms. Fe and Co complexes are magnetic and show different properties such as metal, semimetal, hal...
Study of W boson production in pPb collisions at root(NN)-N-S=5.02 TeV
Adam, W.; et. al. (Elsevier BV, 2015-11-01)
The first study of W boson production in pPb collisions is presented, for bosons decaying to a muon or electron, and a neutrino. The measurements are based on a data sample corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 34.6 nb(-1) at a nucleon-nucleon centre-of-mass energy of root(NN)-N-S = 5.02 TeV, collected by the CMS experiment. The W boson differential cross sections, lepton charge asymmetry, and forward-backward asymmetries are measured for leptons of transverse momentum exceeding 25 GeV/c, and as a fu...
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A. Çelik, “Investigation of electromigration induced hillock and edge void dynamics on the interconnect surface by computer simulation,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.