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Diabolical Diagramming: Deleuze, Dupuy, and Catastrophe
Shores, Corry Michael (2022-08-01)
Jean-Pierre Dupuy argues that our failure to prevent the looming climate catastrophe results from a faulty metaphysics of time: because we believe the present can proceed down one of the many branches that extend into the ...
Patočka ve Deleuze Felsefesinde Asubjektif ve Kişisel Olmayan
Shores, Corry Michael (2022-06-01)
Deleuze’ün kişisel olmayan ve asubjektif (ilk anlamıyla, göreceli olmayan) felsefesi onun anti-fenomolojik olduğu iddiasına yol açan nedenlerden biridir. Ancak, Patočka tarafından tartışıldığı gibi; fenomoloji, zaten...
Science, religion, and the nation: de-scienticizing Nobel Prize scientist Aziz Sancar
GEZGİN, ELİF; Canbolat, Argun Abrek (2022-04-01)
This article examines the emergence of Nobel Prize-winning Turkish scientist Aziz Sancar as a scientific persona model. After receiving the Nobel Prize in 2015, Sancar's nationalistic tendencies and close relationship with...
Against Slagle's Reading of Eliminative Materialism on Self-Defeating
Tümkaya, Serdal (2022-04-01)
Jim Slagle claims that eliminative materialism (EM) denies some of the mind's self-evident properties, such as intentionality, qualia and the view that beliefs are real or veridical. I, herein, will argue that what EM deni...
The anarchy of justice: Hesiod’s Chaos, Anaximander’s apeiron, and geometric thought
Grıffıth, James Edmond Carr (2022-04-01)
This article examines Hesiod’s Chaos and Anaximander’s apeiron individually and inrelation to each other through the frame of René Descartes’ notion of natural geometry andthrough bounds and limits in Euclid and Immanuel K...
Les Trois Modes de Domination et la Mere dans De Cive et Leviathan de Hobbes
Grıffıth, James Edmond Carr (Librairie J. Vrin, 2022-03-01)
On the Evolutionary Origin of Morality
Sakin Hanoğlu, Derya (2022-03-01)
In this study, I will approach morality from a naturalistic perspective and defend that morality is a product of evolutionary processes shared by both human and non-human animals rather than that of human culture. My natur...
Cüyaz, Mehmet Taylan; Grünberg, David; Department of Philosophy (2022-2-01)
This thesis is intended to achieve two main goals. First, it evaluates the historical development and the philosophical outcomes of the different semantic theories. This evaluation will comprise selected works that represe...
A tale of two architectures free energy, its models, and modularity
Davoody Benı, Majıd (2022-02-01)
The paper presents a model-based defence of the partial functional/informational segregation of cognition in the context of the predictive architecture. The paper argues that the model-relativeness of modularity does not n...
Aristotle, Body and Mind - (D.) Charles The Undivided Self. Aristotle and the ‘Mind–Body Problem’
Güremen, Refik (2021-11-01)
Predication in Aristotle's Categories: A Response to Plato's Theory of Forms
Duran, Zeynep; Güremen, Refik; Department of Philosophy (2021-10-4)
This study aims to provide a textual evidence to the idea of reading the Categories of Aristotle as a criticism of the Platonic Theory of Forms, by means of Metaphysics, A, 9, 990b22-991a8 and Alexander’s commentary on it ...
Sakin Hanoğlu, Derya; Sol, Ayhan; Department of Philosophy (2021-10)
The aim of this thesis is to investigate whether morality is uniquely human, and to argue that emotions are the basis of morality in the sense that moral behavior is produced by emotions. In order to support my suggestion,...
Anarchism and justice
Aytekin, Feyyaz Meriç; Parkan, Barış; Rittersberger, Helga İda; Department of Philosophy (2021-10)
The aim of this thesis is to clarify the differences between two conceptions of justice: Eternal Justice (Themis) and Social Justice (Dike). In our modern world, justice has always been perceived as a distributive and legi...
The Reconcilability of Non-Euclidean Geometries with Kant's Philosophy of Mathematics
Çöteli, Can; Bağçe, Samet; Department of Philosophy (2021-9-27)
This thesis examines Kant’s philosophy of geometry, and the possibility of reconciling non-Euclidean geometries with Kant’s philosophy of geometry. Kant believed that the propositions of Euclidean geometry are necessary an...
Inflating the social aspects of cognitive structural realism
Davoody Benı, Majıd (2021-09-01)
Inspired by Ronald Giere's (1989, 1992) cognitive approach to scientific models, Cognitive Structural Realism (CSR) has presented a naturalist account of scientific representation (Beni, 2019a). CSR characterises the struc...
The development of Hegel’s immanent approach: ancient scepticism and the method of Phenomenology of Spirit
Aksoy, Barış Engin; Çırakman, Elif; Department of Philosophy (2021-9)
This thesis tries to read ancient scepticism as a precedent of Hegel’s method in the Phenomenology of Spirit, and Hegel as the fulfillment of scepticism, as both the most radical form and overcoming or sublation of it. The...
Guattari's Machines and The Original Perspectives
Kut, Engin; Shores, Corry; Department of Philosophy (2021-9)
Although Felix Guattari extensively incorporated the terminology from the Freud-Lacan line of psychoanalysis, he employs those terms in a revolutionary way in his philosophical outlook. Besides central concepts such as des...
Aligning the free-energy principle with Peirce's logic of science and economy of research
Davoody Benı, Majıd (2021-09-01)
The paper proposes a way to naturalise Charles S. Peirce's conception of the scientific method, which he specified in terms of abduction, deduction and induction. The focus is on the central issue of the economy of researc...
Structures in Physics and Neuroscience Structural Realism and the Unity of Science
Davoody Benı, Majıd (2021-08-01)
We offer to extend structural realism into the field of mind and brain studies. The naturalised metaphysics of structural realism has been defined in terms of unification of sciences. The unification program has been carri...
The language-thought relationship on the basis of precedence of thought over language
Arısoy, Elif; Grünberg, David; Department of Philosophy (2021-8)
The aim of this thesis is to examine the relationship between language and thought on the basis of the claim that thought precedes language. The claim is meant that the processes of thought might occasionally be possible w...
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