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Mixed Reality Technologies for Enriching Presentations in Industrial Design Education
Topal, Başak; Börekçi, Naz Ayşe Güzide Z.; Department of Industrial Design (2021-8-13)
Mixed Reality (MR) has developed rapidly in recent years, causing the technology to move out of the preserve of large budgets and significant infrastructure, into an accessible and affordable visualization tool capable of ...
Yazirlıoğlu, Lilyana; Doğan, Çağla; Department of Industrial Design (2021-8-02)
Take-make-dispose behaviours as the basis of the linear economy model are challenged by the sustainable modes of consumption that aim to minimise the use of raw materials and waste production. The most prominent among thes...
Implicit Interactions with a Peculiar Radio: Designing an Interactive Artefact for Fostering Meaningful Music-Listening Experiences
Seydioğlu, Ömür Sarper; Pedgley, Owaın Francıs; Department of Industrial Design (2021-7-28)
Interacting with internet-enabled artefacts has become an indispensable norm of an everyday person’s life as it can reduce otherwise demanding tasks down to a flick of a finger. Whereas consumption and utilisation of vast ...
Güneş, Çiğdem; Töre Yargın, Gülşen; Department of Industrial Design (2021-7-13)
While traditional human factors approaches have focused on efficiency, usability, and safety, emerging approaches have also focused on product experience. There is a shift from a cognitive perspective to an affective one, ...
Sustainable design implications for alternative food networks: A case on Güneşköy's community supported agriculture (CSA) model
Kaplan, Ayşe; Doğan, Çağla; Department of Industrial Design (2021-6)
The global food system consists of complex processes (i.e., food production, distribution, consumption, and disposal) and contains several environmental, economic, and social sustainability challenges. As a result of the f...
Design for positive breast self-examination experience: an investigation into mobile health apps
Karadeniz Küçük, Aylin; Şener Pedgley, Bahar; Department of Industrial Design (2021-5)
Breast cancer is one of the most common cancer types among women, responsible for approximately 627,000 deaths globally in 2018. There are various screening methods to detect cancer early, and experts suggest that women sh...
The children’s prosthesis co-design toolkit: eliciting children’s needs for hand prosthesis using generative design tools
Dursun, Melis; Şener Pedgley, Bahar; Department of Industrial Design (2021-2-10)
When designing assistive devices for children with disabilities, designers mostly consider technical and functional aspects and overlook factors that affect their usage from children's perspective. Therefore, in ...
Remote social touch: a framework to communicate physical interaction across long distances
Alsamarei, Ali Abdularazzaq Abbood; Şener Pedgley, Bahar; Department of Industrial Design (2021-1-13)
In this day and age, there is a large group of people who have to live away from their loved ones due to various reasons such as work, study, or certain health-related concerns (e.g. infection diseases). Living away from t...
Construing product materials: developing senso-attitudinal maps through repertory grid technique
Derviş, Barış; Börekçi, Naz Ayşe Güzide Z.; Department of Industrial Design (2021-1-6)
Designing material and product experiences is a complex process that requires a comprehensive understanding over subjective dimensions such as cultural and psychological backgrounds of the individual, multisensory relation...
An ideation method in design for iot: Creating object personas via sensor data
Tuna, Nur Nagihan; Hasdoğan, Gülay Fatma; Department of Industrial Design (2020-11-2)
Internet of things (IoT) introduced some challenges as well as many opportunities for designers. Enhanced capabilities of the things transformed them from being passive assistants of humans to active agents that can coll...
Designing for new generation electronic musical instruments: Strategies to improve interaction, user experience and live performance
Öke, Ethem Hürsu; Pedgley, Owaın Francıs; Şener Pedgley, Bahar; Department of Industrial Design (2020-10-30)
Since the turn of the 21st century, ground-breaking advancements in technology have led to the emergence of a completely new ‘species’ of electronic musical instrument. These instruments, which are heavily driven or depe...
Fictionation idea generation tool for product design education utilizing what-if scenarios of design fiction: a mixed method study
Bayırlı, Ümit; Börekçi, Naz Ayşe Güzide Z.; Department of Industrial Design (2020-9)
Design process is an iterative activity that embodies research and planning, idea generation, evaluation and refinement, and finalization phases. Among these, idea generation is evaluated as having the highest impact on ...
Exploring augmented reality technology as a design representation tool for enhancing the product development process in industrial design education
Karadoğaner, Alper; Börekçi, Naz Ayşe Güzide Z.; Department of Industrial Design (2020-9)
Design representation tools are among the most important mediums for industrial design students in the product development process. Students use these tools to explain their products and product aspects, such as form and...
The effects of icon design and background color on visual search performance and user preferences
Bumin, Barış; Şener Pedgley, Bahar; Department of Industrial Design (2020-9)
One of the most crucial points for the graphical user interfaces is that visual information on the screen must be perceived accurately, fast and effortlessly as much as possible. However, perceiving visual information accu...
Encountering the inner face of products: Computer repair practice and amateur computer repairers
Özçelik, Ayşegül; Kaygan, Harun; Department of Industrial Design (2020-8)
Interacting with the inner face of products leads to knowing more than knowing the product as a user. Repair creates an opportunity for the user to interact with the components of the product. This study investigates amate...
Co-developing STEM activities through design thinking approach for fifth graders
Öztürk, Ahsen; Korkut, Fatma; Department of Industrial Design (2020)
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education aims to integrate diverse disciplines by making interdisciplinary collaboration in K-12 education. When we review the STEM training and course materials given to t...
Generating design briefs within multidisciplinary multinational organizations: a case in the Turkish automobile industry.
Özdemir, Özge; Börekçi, Naz A. G. Z..; Department of Industrial Design (2020)
In multidisciplinary organizations in the new product development process, each department has its own duty. The requirements of a project should be met and the problems should be overcome by those departments. It is diffi...
Design for positive self-help intervention experience with the investigation of meditation-oriented mental health applications
Arık, Yağmur Merve; Hasdoğan, Gülay Fatma; Department of Industrial Design (2020)
No matter how busy life is, it is important to take a few minutes breaks to slow down, regulate the rhythm of breath, nourish the body, and clear the mind through an effective mind-body exercise. Meditation, as a self-help...
Exploring unfamiliar problem domains through user-generated video content and role-playing in industrial design education
Eren, Gizem Hediye; Korkut, Fatma; Department of Industrial Design (2020)
Design students need to explore the problem domain in order to respond to a design problem. Users’ disability or health problems, distant cultures or geographies, or time constraints may prevent students from having direct...
The role of human-centered designer in a multinational company through innovative product development for African BoP communities
Işık Tosun, Hande; Börekçi, Naz A. G. Z.; Department of Industrial Design (2020)
The importance of the field of design is increasing in the face of complex problems humanity has been facing. Respectively, the orientation of design is shifting from products to strategies that facilitate corporate transf...
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