Exploring teaching anxiety and its sources from the perspectives of pre-service teachers

Özcan, Burcu
This study aims to explore teaching anxiety and its sources from the perspectives of pre-service teachers. The suggestions of pre-service teachers about reducing teaching anxiety are also aimed to be taken in this study. The participants of the study consist of 20 pre-service teachers enrolled in a teacher education program at a state university in Central Anatolia/Turkey. The data of the study were obtained through semi-structured interviews conducted individually with each participant. The obtained data were analyzed through content analysis. The findings have shown that pre-service teachers have three types of teaching anxiety, consisting of self-centered, task-centered, and student-centered anxieties. The most outstanding anxieties related to each type include adaptation and security; starting to work and management-related issues; building rapport and handling individual differences. Regarding the sources of teaching anxiety of pre-service teachers, the findings have shown that there are person-related, teacher training-related, and profession-related factors that cause anxiety in pre-service teachers about teaching. The most commonly shared factors related to each category involve lack of experience and feeling of inadequacy; discrepancy between theory and practice, insufficiency of practice teaching opportunity; low prestige of the profession, and high expectations from teachers. For reducing teaching anxiety, pre-service teachers suggested increasing and improving opportunities for gaining experience in teaching addressing both the teacher training programs and pre-service teachers individually. The findings of the study were discussed in light of the related literature. The study was concluded with the presentation of implications for practice and future research.
Citation Formats
B. Özcan, “Exploring teaching anxiety and its sources from the perspectives of pre-service teachers,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2021.