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Design, synthesis, molecular docking studies and biological evaluation of thiazole carboxamide derivatives as COX inhibitors
Hawash, Mohammed; Jaradat, Nidal; Abualhasan, Murad; ŞÜKÜROĞLU, MURAT KADİR; Qaoud, Mohammed T.; Kahraman, Deniz Cansen; Daraghmeh, Heba; Maslamani, Leen; Sawafta, Mais; Ratrout, Ala; Issa, Linda (2023-12-01)
Background: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) have been the most commonly used class of medications worldwide for the last three decades. Objectives: This study aimed to design and synthesize a novel series of ...
Pan-cancer clinical impact of latent drivers from double mutations
Yavuz, Bengi Ruken; Tsai, Chung-Jung; Nussinov, Ruth; Tuncbag, Nurcan (2023-12-01)
Here, we discover potential ‘latent driver’ mutations in cancer genomes. Latent drivers have low frequencies and minor observable translational potential. As such, to date they have escaped identification. Their discovery ...
An automated framework for evaluation of deep learning models for splice site predictions
Zabardast, Amin; Tamer, Elif Güney; Aydın Son, Yeşim; Yılmaz, Arif (2023-12-01)
A novel framework for the automated evaluation of various deep learning-based splice site detectors is presented. The framework eliminates time-consuming development and experimenting activities for different codebases, ar...
sphstat: A Python package for inferential statistics on vectorial data on the unit sphere
Hacıhabiboğlu, Hüseyin (2023-12-01)
Data that resides on the surface of a 2-sphere is common in various scientific fields, including physics, earth sciences, astronomy, and psychoacoustics. While some tools and packages exist for performing inferential stati...
Neurodevelopmental disorders and cancer networks share pathways, but differ in mechanisms, signaling strength, and outcome
Yavuz, Bengi Ruken; Arici, M. Kaan; Demirel, Habibe Cansu; Tsai, Chung-Jung; Jang, Hyunbum; Nussinov, Ruth; Tunçbağ, Nurcan (2023-12-01)
Epidemiological studies suggest that individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) are more prone to develop certain types of cancer. Notably, however, the case statistics can be impacted by late discovery of cancer...
Developing Economic Indicators for Universities as part of Regional Ecosystems
Voitko, Serhii; Tshikovhi, Ndivhuho; Lacalle, Javier G.; Sürer, Elif; Martin, Emilio; Moyo, Sibusiso; Qwatekana, Zikho; Rana, Inu; Konovalova, Nadiia; Atak Atalık, Alev; Acar, Feride Pınar; Royo, Sonia; Russkova, Valeria; Kumar, Vikas (2023-11-14)
Developing a 3D Laparoscopy Training Application to Assess the Efficacy in Virtual Reality Environments
Yosunkaya, Ege; Sahin, Sebahat Selin; Sürer, Elif; Keleş, Hasan Onur (2023-10-18)
3D Simulation and Comparative Analysis of Immune System Cell Micro-Level Responses in Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Environments
Kaya, Hanifi Tuğşad; Sürer, Elif; Acar, Aybar Can (2023-10-18)
Zebrafish optomotor response to second-order motion illustrates that age-related changes in motion detection depend on the activated motion system
Karaduman, Aysenur; Karoglu-Eravsar, Elif Tugce; Kaya, Utku; Aydın, Alaz; Adams, Michelle M.; Kafaligonul, Hulusi (2023-10-01)
Various aspects of visual functioning, including motion perception, change with age. Yet, there is a lack of comprehensive understanding of age-related alterations at different stages of motion processing and in each motio...
Developing a Framework for Heterotopias as Discursive Playgrounds: A Comparative Analysis of Non-Immersive and Immersive Technologies
Korkut, Elif Hilal; Sürer, Elif (2023-10-01)
Assessing Serious Spinal Pathology Using Bayesian Network Decision Support: Development and Validation Study
Hill, Adele; Joyner, Christopher H; Keith-Jopp, Chloe; Yet, Barbaros; Tuncer Sakar, Ceren; Marsh, William; Morrissey, Dylan (2023-10-01)
Background Identifying and managing serious spinal pathology (SSP) such as cauda equina syndrome or spinal infection in patients presenting with low back pain is challenging. Traditional red flag questioning i...
Distribution Aware Testing Framework for Deep Neural Networks
Demir, Demet; Betin Can, Aysu; Sürer, Elif (2023-10-01)
Development of a Methodology for Pooling Resources and Optimising Investments in the Field of CBRN Training and Capacity Building
Choudary, Saman; Xerri, Grace P.; Sürer, Elif; Carestia, Mariachiara; Vybornova, Olga; Gala, Jean-Luc; Van De Vorst, Maaike F.; Calluy, Luc; Reich, Wolfgang Karl-Heinz; Michalcik, Tomas; Habig, Therese; Schmidt, Eugen; Benson, Elizabeth; Bunday, Rob; Di Giovanni, Daniele (2023-09-25)
Extended Reality Applications and Serious Games in the CBRNe Domain: Opportunities, Challenges and Future Perspectives
Sürer, Elif (2023-09-25)
Koçak, Murat; Çakır, Murat Perit; Korkusuz, Feza; Department of Medical Informatics (2023-9-11)
This thesis study aims to explore the Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) literature by utilizing bibliometric analysis techniques. In particular, we aimed to investigate the interdisciplinary nature of the fNIRS...
Species Classification from Short Genomic Reads using Feedforward Neural Networks
Özzeybek, Emre; Acar, Aybar Can; Department of Bioinformatics (2023-9-11)
With the cost of Next Generation Sequencing technologies in decline, the need for fast and efficient classification of genomic findings has become of utmost importance. Due to the output length limitations of most Second G...
An integrative framework for clinical diagnosis and knowledge discovery from exome sequencing data
Shojaei, Mona; Acar, Aybar Can; Alkan, Can; Department of Medical Informatics (2023-9-11)
Non-silent single nucleotide genetic variants, like nonsense changes and insertion- deletion variants (indels), that affect protein function and length substantially are prevalent and are frequently misclassified. The low ...
Investigating the impact of selective directional auditory attention on eye movements, pupil responses, and auditory perception in the presence of competing speech
Yağmur, Serap; Günel Kılıç, Banu; Çağıltay, Kürşat; Department of Information Systems (2023-9-8)
This PhD thesis investigates how selective directional auditory attention affects eye movements and pupil responses, demonstrating that concentrating on stimuli from a single-ear enhances attentiveness and task performance...
Semi-Automatic Prompting Approach with Question Decomposition for Multi-Hop Question Answering
KIZILDAĞ, Arif Ozan; Taşkaya Temizel, Tuğba; Department of Information Systems (2023-9-7)
With the help of large language models, prompt engineering enables easy access to vast knowledge for various applications. However, limited research has been done on multi-hop question answering using this approach. This t...
Güneş, Rabia Şeyma; Özkan Yıldırım, Sevgi; Department of Information Systems (2023-9-7)
New technologies included in distributed energy systems have created solutions that allow the management of demand and generation variability in the electricity grid and the costs arising from this variability. Trade betwe...
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