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Classroom-Based Conversation Analysis Training for Project Members
Bozbıyık, Merve; Ege Kadıoğlu, Fatma; Topal, Pınar; Şimşek, Asuman; Çimenli, Betül (2024-09-30)
Within the scope of the project, doctoral researchers utilizing Conversation Analysis (CA) method in their previous studies carried out a 13-week training on important factors in the data collection process, the detailed t...
Emotion Across Cultures – Comparative Analysis of Emotion-Related Contents in Children's Storybooks
Üzüm, Sabiha; Demircan, Hasibe Özlen (2024-09-01)
AbstractThe present study aims to discover the role of cultural context in predicting emotion-related contents found in children's storybooks written in Türkiye and written in Western countries and translated into Turkish....
Silent Story, Loud Empathy: Investigating Children's Empathy on Deforestation
Üzüm, Sabiha; Başer, Ceren; Tanrısevdi, Mine (2024-07-10)
Abstract:The present multiple-embedded case study aims to investigate how young children raised in an urban area respond by categorizing their empathic reactions to deforestation using an eco-friendly silent picture book. ...
Exploring Nature Worldviews in Environment-themed Children's Books Across Cultures
Üzüm, Sabiha; Başer, Ceren (2024-06-24)
The current study aimed to examine whether the cultural context in which children's storybooks were written, along with the environmental themes they addressed, can predict the worldview towards nature conveyed by these st...
A learner-centered journey: Pre-service early childhood teachers’ learning through self-reflections and feedbacks with design-based curriculum course
Demirci, Zeliha; TONGA ÇABUK, FUNDA EDA; Erden, Feyza (2024-06-01)
This study was aimed at designing and developing a learner-centered curriculum course for pre-service early childhood teachers considering their expectations, supporting active creation of lesson plans, and investigating c...
Bilim Merkezlerinde Drama ile Değerler Öğretimi
Karahan, Engin; Namdar, Bahadir (Nobel Yayın Dağıtım, 2024-06-01)
A Review of Post-Graduate Theses and Doctoral Dissertations Concerning Empathy in Early Childhood Education
Üzüm, Sabiha; Tantekin Erden, Feyza (2024-06-01)
Empathy was considered as a form of knowledge distinct from one's knowledge of the physical world gained through senses or self-knowledge gained through introspection (Schlicht, 2023), and that specifically focuses on unde...
The Politics of Nobel Consecration and Literary Translation
Yıldız Bağçe, Hülya (2024-05-21)
"I Am a Perfectionist, Raised to Be One!": Navigating the Inner Landscape of Turkish EFL Teachers
Kırmızı, Gözde; Köse, Berkcan (2024-05-11)
From Concept to Classroom: Designing a Corpus-based Language Teaching Training
Köse, Berkcan; Kuru Gönen, S. İpek (2024-5-10)
EFL Instructors’ Metaphorical Representations of Their PhD Journey and Development as Academic Researcher Teachers (ART)
Tanrıverdi Köksal, Fatma; Işık Güler, Hale (2024-05-10)
From Concept to Classroom: Designing a Corpus-based Language Teaching Training
Köse, Berkcan; Kuru Gönen, Safiye İpek (2024-05-10)
The Crucial Role of Personal Values on Wellbeing and Resilience in the Software Industry
Yürüm, Ozan Raşit; Özcan Top, Özden (2024-05-01)
Personal values play a pivotal role in shaping individuals’ behaviors and decisions. In the software industry, understanding these values along with the emotional well-being and resilience of professionals, is crucial for ...
Comparison of the effect of teaching games for understanding, sport education, combined and linear pedagogy on motor proficiency of children with developmental coordination disorder
Ghorbanzadeh, Behrouz; Kirazcı, Sadettin; Badicu, Georgian (2024-05-01)
On the Threshold Between Hell and Earth: The Split Subject in H.D.’s “Eurydice”
Çetinkaya, Ataberk (2024-04-25)
New Directions for Place-Based Socioscientific Issue Instruction and Research
Namdar, Bahadır; Karahan, Engin (Springer Nature, 2024-04-01)
Turkish Adaptation and Psychometric Evaluation of the Relationship Mindfulness Measure in an Emerging Adult Sample
Taşkesen, Nureda; Barutçu Yıldırım, Kadriye Funda (2024-04-01)
While latest research has accepted the importance of mindfulness in mental health, its role in interpersonal well-being receives less attention, including the necessary measurement tools. This study aimed to translate the ...
Fostering students’ definitions and images in parallelism and perpendicularity: A paper folding activity
Çatman Aksoy, Emine; Işıksal Bostan, Mine (2024-04-01)
This study investigated the effect of a paper folding activity prepared to develop the sixth-grade students’ concept definitions and images of parallelism and perpendicularity concepts. The study also examined how the conc...
Place-Based Socioscientific Issues
Karahan, Engin (Springer Nature, 2024-04-01)
Socioscientific Issues Focused Teacher Education Place-Based Practices from Türkiye
Namdar, Bahadır; Karahan, Engin (Springer Nature, 2024-04-01)
This book explores place-based pedagogies in the context of socioscientific issues in Türkiye. From local and global contexts, it delves into research-based learning activities for science teacher educators, offering insig...
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