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Fun and Pleasure in e-learning
Gündoğan, Mihraç Banu; Erbuğ, Çiğdem (Zenodo; 2019-3-16)
User types have already evolved in the digital world and expectations have gone beyond pure usability. Emotions have become important; users are conscious demanders of usable and engaging products, appealing, interesting a...
Comparing beliefs about appropriate practice among early childhood education and care professionals from the US, China, Taiwan, Korea and Turkey
McMullen, M; Elicker, J; Wang, JH; Erdiller, Z; Lee, SM; Lin, CH; Sun, PY (Elsevier BV, 2005-01-01)
The purpose of this study was to examine what, if anything, caregivers and teachers of 3- to 5-year-old children from the U.S. (n=412), China (n=244), Taiwan (n=222), Korea (n=574), and Turkey (n=214), had in common in ter...
Relation Between Sexual Assault and Negative Affective Conditions in Female College Students: Does Loss of Hope Account for the Association?
Chang, Edward C.; Jilani, Zunaira; Yu, Tina; Lin, Jiachen; Muyan, Mine; Hirsch, Jameson K. (2017-04-01)
The present study examined dispositional hope as a potential mediator of the association between sexual assault and negative affective conditions, namely, depressive and anxious symptoms in a sample of 223 female college s...
Systemizing: A Cross-Cultural Constant for Motivation to Learn Science
Zeyer, Albert; Cetin-Dindar, Ayla; Zain, Ahmad Nurulazam Md; Jurisevic, Mojca; Devetak, Iztok; Odermatt, Freia (Wiley, 2013-11-01)
The present study is based on the empathizing-systemizing (E-S) theory of cognitive science. It was hypothesized that the influence of students' gender on their motivation to learn science is often overestimated in the res...
Loneliness and Negative Affective Conditions in Adults: Is There Any Room for Hope in Predicting Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms?
Muyan, Mine; Chang, Edward C.; Jilani, Zunaira; Yu, Tina; Lin, Jiachen; Hirsch, Jameson K. (2016-04-02)
This study examined the role of hope in understanding the link between loneliness and negative affective conditions (viz., anxiety and depressive symptoms) in a sample of 318 adults. As expected, loneliness was found to be...
Pre-service biology, chemistry, and physics teachers' expectations in science courses
Demirci, Nilgun; Kirbulut, Zubeyde Demet; BEKTAŞ, Oktay; YALÇIN ÇELİK, AYŞE; Cetin-Dindar, Ayla; Kilic, Ziya (2010-02-08)
This study explains the adaptation of Maryland Physics Expectations Questionnaire (MPEX) developed by Redish et al. (1998) into the Science Expectations Questionnaire (SEQ) investigating pre-service biology, chemistry, and...
The relationship among preservice teachers' technology access, competency, and attitude
Lee, MA; Ward, P; Ince, L; Lee, S; Ang, J (2006-03-01)
The effects of computer games on primary school students' achievement and motivation in geography learning
TÜZÜN, HAKAN; Yilmaz-Soylu, Meryem; Karakus, Tuerkan; Inal, Yavuz; Kizilkaya, Gonca (Elsevier BV, 2009-01-01)
The implementation of a computer game for learning about geography by primary school students is the focus of this article. Researchers designed and developed a three-dimensional educational computer game. Twenty four stud...
Kids say the darndest things: PETE program assessment through the eyes of students
McCullick, Bryan; Metzler, Mike; Cicek, Seref; Jackson, Josephine; Vickers, Brad (2008-01-01)
An ever-increasing focus on accountability in teacher education has augmented the importance of physical education teacher education (PETE) programs to develop procedures for assessing their candidates and completers-the s...
A model for pre-service teachers' climate change awareness and willingness to act for pro-climate change friendly behavior: adaptation of awareness to climate change questionnaire
Dal, Burçkin; Alper, Umut; Ozdem-Yilmaz, Yasemin; Ozturk, Nilay; SÖNMEZ, DUYGU (2015-01-01)
Public awareness of the negative effects of climate change is vital since it leads to collective action for prevention and adaptation. However, investigations on to what extent people are aware of the climate change issue ...