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Yeni teknolojilerle baharatlardan esansiyel yağ ekstraksiyonu ve bu yağların fiziksel, antioksidan ve antimikrobiyal özellikleri
Şahin, Serpil; Şümnü, Servet Gülüm; Yener, Meryem Esra; Karakaya, Sibel; El, Nehir Sedef; Karagözlü, Nural(2007-12-01)
Bu çalışmanın amacı yeni ekstraksiyon teknolojileri kullanılarak Türkiye’de yetişen kekik, defne ve biberiye (esansiyel) uçucu yağlarının eldesidir. Farklı ekstraksiyon metodları ile elde edilen ürün yağ içeriği ve kompozi...
Integromic Analysis of Genetic Variation and Gene Expression Identifies Networks for Cardiovascular Disease Phenotypes
Yao, Chen; Chen, Brian H.; Joehanes, Roby; Otlu, Burcak; Zhang, Xiaoling; Liu, Chunyu; Huan, Tianxiao; Tastan, Oznur; Cupples, L. Adrienne; Meigs, James B.; Fox, Caroline S.; Freedman, Jane E.; Courchesne, Paul; O'Donnell, Christopher J.; Munson, Peter J.; Keles, Sunduz; Levy, Daniel (Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer Health), 2015-02-10)
Background-Cardiovascular disease (CVD) reflects a highly coordinated complex of traits. Although genome-wide association studies have reported numerous single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) to be associated with CVD, the...
Bala (Ankara) Earthquakes: Implications for Shallow Crustal Deformation in Central Anatolian Section of the Anatolian Platelet (Turkey)
Tan, Onur; Tapirdamaz, M. Cengiz; Ergintav, Semih; Inan, Sedat; Iravul, Yildiz; SAATÇILAR, RUHİ; Tuzel, Bekir; Tarancioglu, Adil; Karakisa, Salih; Kartal, Recai F.; Zunbul, Sami; Yanik, Kenan; Kaplan, Mehmet; Saroglu, Fuat; Kocyigit, Ali; ALTUNEL, ERHAN; MERAL ÖZEL, NURCAN (2010-01-01)
Central Anatolia is quiet in terms of seismic activity, and rarely earthquakes up to magnitude 5.6 occur in the inner part of the Anatolian block or Anatolian platelet. Southeast of Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, two ...
Geochemistry of Fluid Inclusions in Travertines From Western and Northern Turkey: Inferences on the Role of Active Faults in Fluids Circulation
Rizzo, Andrea Luca; Uysal, I. Tonguc; MUTLU, HALİM; Unal-Imer, Ezgi; Dirik, Kadir; YÜCE, GALİP; Caracausi, Antonio; Italiano, Francesco; Misseri, Mariagrazia; TEMEL, ABİDİN; Bayari, Serdar; ÖZYURT, NACİYE NUR; Zhao, Jian-xin; DENİZ, KIYMET (American Geophysical Union (AGU), 2019-11-01)
The understanding of the relationship between the geochemistry of fluids circulating during travertine deposition and the presence of active faults is crucial for evaluating the seismogenetic potential of an area. Here we ...
Special Issue: Civil-Comp
Adam, J. M.; Camotim, D.; Dimitrovova, Z.; Dunai, L.; Marti, K.; Pallares, F. J.; Pombo, J.; Saka, M. P.; Schueller, G. I.; Vietor, T.; Costa Neves, L. F.; Barros, R. C.; Topping, B. H. V. (2011-11-01)
Rapid cooling history of a Neotethyan ophiolite: Evidence for contemporaneous subduction initiation and metamorphic sole formation
PARLAK, OSMAN; Dunkl, Istvan; KARAOĞLAN, FATİH; Kusky, Timothy M.; Zhang, Chao; Wang, Lu; Koepke, Juergen; Billor, Zeki; Hames, Willis E.; ŞİMŞEK, EMRAH; Simsek, Gokce; ŞİMŞEK, TUĞÇE; Ozturk, Selena Ezgi (Geological Society of America, 2019-11-01)
The Beywhir-Hoyran Nappes, including Mesozoic carbonate platform rocks, deepsea sediments, and ophiolite-related units, crop out extensively on the western limb of the Isparta Angle in the Central Taurides, Turkey. The oph...
Marine Algae-PLA composites as de novo alternative to porcine derived collagen membranes
Sayin, S.; Kohlhaas, T.; Veziroglu, S.; Okudan, E. S.; Naz, M.; Schroeder, S.; Saygili, E.; Acil, Y.; Faupel, F.; Wiltfang, J.; Aktas, O. C.; Guelses, A. (2020-09-01)
Resorbable and volume-stable collagen matrices have been preferred as grafting materials for diverse clinical applications in recent years. On the other hand, there is always an existing risk of transmission of infection w...
Bacteria-induced mixing in natural waters
Sommer, T.; Danza, F.; Berg, J.; Sengupta, A.; Constantinescu, G.; Tokyay, T.; Burgmann, H.; Dressler, Y.; Steiner, O. Sepulveda; Schubert, C. J.; Tonolla, M.; Wuest, A. (American Geophysical Union (AGU), 2017-09-28)
Swimming organisms can enhance mixing in their natural environments by creating eddies in their wake and by dragging water along. However, these mixing mechanisms are inefficient for microorganisms, because swimming-induce...
Melanges through time: Life cycle of the world's largest Archean melange compared with Mesozoic and Paleozoic subduction-accretion-collision melanges
Kusky, Timothy; Wang, Junpeng; Wang, Lu; Huang, Bo; Ning, Wenbin; Fu, Dong; Peng, Hongtao; Deng, Hao; Polat, Ali; Zhong, Yating; Shi, Guanzhong (Elsevier BV, 2020-10-01)
Melanges represent a significant component of collisional and accretionary orogenic belts. We present a comparison of subduction-accretion melanges of different ages to test how melange-forming processes at convergent marg...
Probabilistic benefit-cost analysis for earthquake damage mitigation: Evaluating measures for apartment houses in Turkey
Smyth, AW; Altay, G; Deodatis, G; Erdik, M; Franco, G; Gulkan, P; Kunreuther, H; Lus, H; Mete, E; Seeber, N; Yuzugullu, O (SAGE Publications, 2004-02-01)
In the wake of the 1999 earthquake destruction in Turkey, the urgent need has arisen to evaluate the benefits of loss mitigation measures that could be undertaken to strengthen the existing housing stock. In this study, a ...