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Recent Submissions

Combined U-Pb ages and Lu-Hf systematics of detrital zircons from Early Cambrian Gondwanan siliciclastic rocks in S Turkey: Provenance and correlations with coeval successions in peri-Gondwanan terranes
Gürsu, Semih; Köksal, Serhat; Möller, Andreas; Kamenov, George D.; Cemal Göncüoğlu, M.; Hefferan, Kevin; Mueller, Paul A.; Kozlu, Hüseyin (2022-07-01)
© 2022 International Association for Gondwana ResearchDetrital U-Pb age peaks and εHf(t) and TDM(Hf) of peri-Gondwanan units of S Turkey indicate that they may have been derived from Neoproterozoic igneous suites in the Si...
Lithocholic acid conjugated mPEG-b-PCL micelles for pH responsive delivery to breast cancer cells
Isik, Gulhan; Kızıltay, Aysel; Hasırcı, Nesrin; Tezcaner, Ayşen (2022-06-10)
© 2022 Elsevier B.V.In this study, micelles composed of methoxy poly(ethylene glycol)-block-poly(ε-caprolactone) copolymer (mPEG-b-PCL), which has ionically conjugated lithocholic acid (LCA) and providing pH sensitive rele...
Bir Zamanlar Mısır'da: Mekân-İnsan Odağında Necib Mahfuz'un Üç Romanı
Yılmaz, Sibel (2022-06-02)
Adaptive envelope protection control of wind turbines under varying operational conditions
Şahin, Mustafa; Yavrucuk, İlkay (2022-05-01)
This study introduces a new Envelope Protection System (EPS) algorithm forwind turbines. The algorithm is adaptive to turbine-changing operational conditions and can effectively reduceturbineexcessive/ultimate loads. Throu...
Sanat Tarihi Nasıl Anlatılır: Filiz Yenişehirlioğlu ile Söyleşi- Varlık Dergisi
Bican, Mine (2022-05-01)
On the Optimization of the Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of Model Ni-Based Superalloys Through the Alloying Effects of Refractory Mo and W Elements
Eriş, Rasim; Akdeniz, Mahmut Vedat; Mehrabov, Amdulla (2022-05-01)
In the design and development of next-generation Ni-based superalloys, the addition of refractory impurity elements not only induces better degree of bonding strengthening, but also helps in maintaining structural stabilit...
Interface stability problem towards the end of THM growth of cadmium zinc telluride crystals
Ünal, Mustafa; Balbaşı, Özden Başar; Genç, Ayşe Merve; Parlak, Mehmet; Turan, Raşit (2022-04-15)
Growth of CdZnTe crystals by Travelling Heater Method (THM) is widely investigated by different groups. Interface shape and stability are critical parameters for the successful growth of high-quality CZT crystals. Even tho...
Effects of Atmospheric Icing on Performance of Controlled Wind Turbine
Şahin, Mustafa (2022-03-18)
Icing deteriorates the performance of wind turbine rotors by changing the blade airfoils’ shapes. It decreases the lift, increases the drag, and subsequently causes power production losses and load increase on turbines’...
Edebiyat Tarihçiliği Tarihinde Kısa Bir Gezinti
Yılmaz, Sibel (Türk Edebiyatı Vakfı, 2022-03-01)
Beam dynamic studies at accelerator system of gun for a self-amplified spontaneous emission free electron laser project
Yildiz, H. Duran; Porsuk, D.; Yıldız, İlker; Cakir, R. (2022-01-01)
One of the important factors in high radiation generation facilities is the production of a high quality electron beam. To do that, the requirements of an optical electron source, such as current, radiation emission, etc. ...
A Cell Culture Chip with Transparent, Micropillar-Decorated Bottom for Live Cell Imaging and Screening of Breast Cancer Cells
Ermiş Şen, Menekşe; ANTMEN ALTUNSOY, EZGİ; Kuren, Ozgur; Demirci, Utkan; Hasırcı, Vasıf Nejat (2022-01-01)
In the recent years, microfabrication technologies have been widely used in cell biology, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine studies. Today, the implementation of microfabricated devices in cancer research is fr...
Preclinical toxicity test results of a new antiviral–immune-modulator compound consisting of flavonoid molecules (COVID-19 clinical trial preliminary data)
Budak, Gürer; ÖZKAN, SEÇİL; BUDAK, Mehmet; Şeker, Tamay; MERYEMOĞLU, BAHAR; Miran, Şükran Selin; Çoban, Canan Çakır; Tarkun, Örkun (2022-01-01)
Aim: Isolated specific glycone–aglycone conjugated flavonoids which are investigated for their effect of bioavailability and molecular concentrations. The specific formula is then tested via in vitro and in vivo cytotoxici...
Production of High-Performance CdZnTe Crystals Grown by THM for Radiation Detection Applications
Ünal, Mustafa; Balbaşı, Özden Başar; Karaman, Mehmet Can; Genç, Ayşe Merve; Parlak, Mehmet; Turan, Raşit (2022-01-01)
© 2022, The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society.CdZnTe crystals are the perfect candidate to be used in room temperature x-ray and gamma-ray detection systems. Production of detector-grade crystals, on the other hand, is ...
Investigation of Aerodynamic Characteristics of Twisted Tall Building
Orbay Akcengiz, Ezgi; Sezer Uzol, Nilay (2021-12-20)
Simplified process flow for the fabrication of PERC solar cells with ion implanted emitter
Bektas, Gence; Kokbudak, Gamze; Kececi, Ahmet Emin; Butuner, Sumeyye Kocak; Asav, Hasan; Çiftpınar, Emine Hande; Canar, Hasan Huseyin; Arikan, Bulent; Turan, Rasit (2021-12-01)
Ion implanted PERC cells have already achieved power conversion efficiencies of about 20.0%. The process flows reported in the literature for the ion implanted PERC cells with commonly utilized Al2O3/SiNx rear passivation ...
"21. Yüzyılın Öğretmen Adayları": Adayların Giriş Özellikleri ve 21. Yüzyıl Becerileri
Eret, Esra; Özcan, Burcu; Ural, Fadime (Efe Akademi Yayınları, 2021-12-01)
Who Are Going to Teach in 21st Century Classes? A Glance at Teacher Candidates to Know Our Future Teachers
Eret, Esra; Ural, Fadime; Özcan, Burcu (Efe Akademi Publishing, 2021-12-01)
Fourteen percent efficiency ultrathin silicon solar cells with improved infrared light management enabled by hole-selective transition metal oxide full-area rear passivating contacts
Nasser, Hisham; Borra, Mona Zolfaghari; Çiftpınar, Emine Hande; Eldeeb, Basil; Turan, Raşit (2021-11-01)
The present study investigates the application of hole-selective transition metal oxide (TMO) layers (MoOx, V2Ox, and WOx) with silver (Ag) as full-area rear contact to 22.5 mu m-thick low-quality Cz p-type c-Si solar cell...
Yüksek Verimli PERC Güneş Pilleri için Pikosaniye Atımlı Lazer ile Lazer Doping Yoluyla Seçici Emitör Oluşumu
Bektaş, Gence (2021-11-01)
In this study, we develop a POCl3 diffusion recipe so that we obtain a thicker phosphosilicate glass layer for laser doping. The formation of a laser doped selective emitter is achieved by utilizing an industrial-type pico...
Critical analysis of zeolite 4A synthesis through one-pot fusion hydrothermal treatment approach for class F fly ash
Akın, Süleyman Şener; Kirdeciler, Salih Kaan; Kazanç Özerinç, Feyza; Akata Kurç, Burcu (2021-10-01)
In this study, ‘‘One-pot fusion assisted hydrothermal synthesis’’ approach was employed to understand the nucleation and crystallization behaviour of the fusion product of Class F fly ash for zeolite 4A synthesis. Two sets...
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