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Behavior of mammalian cells on magnesium substituted bare and hydroxyapatite deposited (Ti, Mg) N coatings
Önder, Sakip; Calikoglu-Koyuncu, Ayşe Ceren; Kazmanli, Kürşat; Ürgen, Mustafa; Köse, Gamze Torun; Kök, Fatma Neşe (Elsevier BV, 2015-12-25)
TiN and (Ti,Mg)N thin film coatings were deposited on titanium substrates by using cathodic arc physical vapor deposition (arc-PVD) technique with magnesium contents of 0, 4.24 at% (low Mg) and 10.42 at% (high Mg). The pre...
Knowledge Cohesion in European Regions: Convergence and Cohesion with Turkey
Akçomak, İbrahim Semih; Erdil, Erkan; Çetinkaya, Umut Yılmaz (2017-9-30)
In a knowledge economy, it is interesting to see that the concept of knowledge cohesion is a fertile soil for research. Despite the ongoing interest in investigating whether economic cohesion has been ...
Quantifying the streamflow response to groundwater abstractions for irrigation or drinking water at catchment scale using SWAT and SWAT-MODFLOW
Liu, Wei; Park, Seonggyu; Bailey, Ryan T.; Molina-Navarro, Eugenio; Andersen, Hans Estrup; Thodsen, Hans; Nielsen, Anders; Jeppesen, Erik; Jensen, Jacob Skodt; Jensen, Jacob Birk; Trolle, Dennis (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-09-01)
Background Groundwater abstraction can cause a decline in the water table, and thereby affects surface streamflow connected to the aquifer, which may impair the sustainability of both the water resource itself and the ecos...
Optimisation of micro-arc oxidation electrolyte for fabrication of antibacterial coating on titanium
Aydogan, Dilek Teker; Muhaffel, Faiz; Kilic, Meryem Menekse; Acar, Ozge Karabiyik; Cempura, Grzegorz; Baydoğan, Murat; Gül-karagüler, Nevin; Kose, Gamze Torun; Czyrska-Filemonowicz, Aleksandra; Çimenoğlu, Hüseyin (2018-01-01)
This study has been carried out to optimise the silver (Ag) content of the coating synthesised on commercially pure titanium (Cp-Ti, Grade 4) for biomedical applications by micro-arc oxidation (MAO) process. The MAO proces...
Chondrogenic potential of macroporous biodegradable cryogels based on synthetic poly(alpha-amino acids)
Sedlacik, T.; Acar, O. K.; Studenovska, H.; Kotelnikov, I.; Kucka, J.; Konecna, Z.; Zikmund, T.; Kaiser, J.; KÖSE, GAMZE; Rypacek, F. (Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), 2018-01-14)
In this study, the potential of highly porous hydrogels based on biodegradable synthetic poly(alpha-amino acids) to support proliferation and chondrogenesis of human dental pulp stem cells (hDPSCs) was investigated. Covale...
Surface modification of Ti6Al4V by micro-arc oxidation in AgC2H3O2-containing electrolyte
Aydogan, Dilek Teker; Muhaffel, Faiz; Acar, Ozge Karabiyik; Topcuoglu, Emine Nursen; Kulekci, Hatice Guven; Kose, Gamze Torun; Baydoğan, Murat; Çimenoğlu, Hüseyin (2018-09-01)
This study focuses on the biological properties of Ti6Al4V after employing micro-arc oxidation in sodium phosphateand calcium acetate-containing electrolyte with and without addition of silver acetate. After micro-arc oxid...
Bone response to biomimetic implants delivering BMP-2 and VEGF: An immunohistochemical study
RAMAZANOĞLU, Mustafa; Lutz, Rainer; Rusche, Philipp; Trabzon, Levent; Kose, Gamze Torun; Prechtl, Christopher; Schlegel, Karl Andreas (2013-12-01)
This animal study evaluated bone healing around titanium implant surfaces biomimetically coated with bone morphogenic protein-2 (BMP-2) and/or vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) by examining bone matrix proteins and...
Collagen and polyester-based scaffolds for tissue engineering
Hasyrcy, V.; Kenar, H.; Yucel, D.; Zorlutuna, P.; Yylgor, P.; KÖSE, GAMZE; Hasyrcy, N. (2009-03-22)
Poly( amino acid)-based fibrous scaffolds modified with surface-pendant peptides for cartilage tissue engineering
Svobodova, Jana; Proks, Vladimir; Karabiyik, Ozge; Koyuncu, Ayse Ceren Calikoglu; Kose, Gamze Torun; Rypacek, Frantisek; Studenovska, Hana (Wiley, 2017-03-01)
In this study, fibrous scaffolds based on poly(gamma-benzyl-L-glutamate) (PBLG) were investigated in terms of the chondrogenic differentiation potential of human tooth germ stem cells (HTGSCs). Through the solution-assiste...