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A comparative study between the cities of ancient Sumer and Egypt civilizations within the frame of Gordon Childe's ten criteria
Kula, Göktuğ; Kayasü, Serap; Department of City Planning (2023-4-14)
Although humans have been wandering on earth for 2.5 million years, the concepts of city and urbanism are relatively very new notions with their approximately 6.000 years of past in our history. Our ancestors lived millions of years as hunter-gatherers within small human groups, and they used natural formations like caves, oases, and forests as shelter. Then, just a few thousand years after they invented agriculture, we come across the two earliest and great civilizations: Ancient Sumer first and then Egypt...
Serdarlar, Sevda; Çöker, Demirkan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2023-4-27)
Peridynamic theory (PD) is a nonlocal version of continuum mechanics that employs integral terms instead of spatial derivatives in its governing equations. Therefore, PD is a robust numerical tool for crack growth simulations. This master’s thesis investigates dynamic crack propagation confined to propagete along the interface of Homalite – aluminum bimaterial specimen subjected to shear impact loading using bond-based PD. The failure at the interface is utilized with a critical stretch that corresponds to ...
The Traditional Tree Planting Festival (2015)
Initiated by ODTÜ Development Foundation, the "You Plant A Tree, We Build a Forest" Campaign aims to sustain and improve the ODTÜ Forest cultivated by nature-lovers in the Central Anatolian steppe through forestation projects ever since 1958. As part of its 30th anniversary activities, the foundation has launched the “You Plant A Tree, We Build a Forest” campaign to rehabilitate ruined forest areas in ODTÜ 1 and ODTÜ 3 forests (around Ahlatlıbel and Lake Eymir), and to cultuvate forest areas with no trees (...
TRT METU Archive: METU Technopolis Halıcı Software House foundation ceremony held with the participation of President Süleyman Demirel
Rector Kemal Kurdaş giving a speech in front of the Atatürk Monument (1960s)
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